Motion of the Ocean

not the motion I was expecting. We hit a small squall of weather right off the bat. People who followed me last year know boats and me do not mix. I took my dramamine plus I kept moving. The only disappontment is the weather. Boy is it wet. We decided to pull out early evening to get in line for the ferry good idea. Well I was able to get a little sleep in the car while we waited. That is funny also Roy can be driving the car and I will be asleep in thirty seconds, but stop the car and I’m awake and ready to go. I think my parents drove me around to put me to sleep, my story.

First rant of trip, feel free to skip this part. I understand that Price Rupert is an origin point for the vessel ,so it’s ok to be a little spread out. What I didn’t understand was having to walk down a hill to get your ticket. I have to say I’m glad I had everything with means I did not have to make a second trip. Well, I had Roy’s passport and my passport, I mention my hubby had COPD and could we get loaded close to the elevator. She said sure but she would have to give us a handicapped tag I said OK. This is good. Hike back up the hill and wait. We are one of the last people down. I’m still holding out hope we have the sticker right. The second from last spot on the boat furthest from the elevator. Not cool! We mention something and are told we have to load by size. Mainly we got lip service. End rant continue reading.

The ferry ride has been amazing, all different types of people ride it. Ran into a young women who is embarking on a summer studying climate change and glaciers out of Juneau. Two guys riding motorcycles up to Tuktoyaktuk (also known as Tuk). A couple from Phoenix who has just started full time rving headed to Homer. The social butterfly that I am talking and making suggestions about what to do was fun. I told a few people about this winery in Homer were they have wine tasting and make a rhubarb chardonnay Bear Creek Winery . People loved my bear pictures so I mentioned Black Mountain Lodge. Then one of my favorite things on the Kenai is Skilak Lake Rd 19 miles of gravel through the national preserve.

All in all a good trip minus a rant and some seasickness on my part. Animal wise saw a few eagles, some whale blows (no tails), and also some gulls.

Onto Haines for a about a week then meander to Tuk and the artic ocean. I’m on limited internet will upload pictures when I can.

2 thoughts on “Motion of the Ocean

  1. Lip service is a definite problem. I don’t know how I would cope with any of that… good on you for coping with just atiny rant.


  2. I’ve learned you can’t stress over something not under your control until something can be done.


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