Prince Rupert Canada’s Rainforest

What do you need for a rain forest. RAIN!! We take the ferry to Haines early in the morning of the 11th. Yesterday, we arrived in Prince Rupert actually Port Edward, staying at a campground built into a hill. Roy’s out checking to see if we should hook up early and head out due to all the rain coming down. Roy’s back we are staying will hookup after dinner.

It’s been chilly the last few days so normally with electricity we would give the propane heater a break. Normally if you had an electric heater that worked. We had to say good-bye to one we’ve had for at least 10 years. Roy plugged in the space heater the other night turned it on and pop something sparked. It’s all good though because the propane heater is an amazing warm maker. The funny thing about losing the electric heater was we have a perfectly good one at home. I had a thought that I should bring it with us just in case the space heater we were using went south. I think I should follow through with those thoughts.

Pulling in yesterday we dropped the trailer and decided to drive the area seeing I scheduled an extra day here. You never know I might want to go shopping. I am glad I did because driving here today would have been icky in the rain. The town of Prince Rupert had a few gift stores bought my first t-shirt of the trip. Not what I expected for a stop off for cruise ships.

We did eat a good dinner at a local restaurant. The town of Port Edward has a historic salmon cannery that is a national landmark.

So here are pictures from the cannery.