The Center

I’ve noticed that we are always finding parallels, meridians, and centers. Today was no different as we went through Vanderhoof BC which is the geographical center of British Columbia. I will keep you posted on what other lines we will cross this trip.

As far as animal counts we saw a very fat black bear crossing the road. I hope you can tell it from the picture.

I do not have a picture of the moose who surprised us by walking behind our trailer at a rest area in Smithers.

We’ve travelled a few of these roads before but in the opposite direction, things look similar but different. It’s like life it all depends on what direction you are going.

Speaking of going we are headed to Prince Rupert for two days then on a ferry to Haines AK.

One thought on “The Center

  1. When you reach Haines consider visiting the Kroschel wildlife center. See for more info. You’ll see a variety animals up close. They are a conservation site. We visited there while on a cruise and it was the highlight of our trip.


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