All Aboard

Prince George found us at The Railway and Forestry museum, another Harvest Host campsite. The grounds were 8 acres of old trains, equipment, and stuff. We were able to just take the train around the perimeter.

Roy even decided to be a conductor, so cute.

This was after the train ride. The property looked like an organized mess of antiques, Roy said that if someone did not want something give it to the museum. That was what was happening until they had to take a year off of taking anything. Now they are going to be picky. Here are some photos of the museum grounds.

All in all it was a cute museum. The grounds butted up to a bunch of cottonwood trees, and guess what it did to my allergies.

On the drive up from Barkerville we got to see a lynx the dash cam caught it. I have to say though it was to far away to get a clear shot. So next on the bucket list is to see a Spirit Bear or a Kermode. We are staying an extra day in Prince Rupert to drive the area for some stalking. We also saw another black bear, no babies yet but I think they are in the future.

Check out the video page I will be posting a few here and there.

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