Rain, Sleet, Snow

seen it covered it. I’ve been known as a snow magnet, I’ve also been worried this could follow me here. (IT DID). Tonight (June 6th) we are staying at Forest Rose campground near the historic town of Barkerville, BC, very quiet campground. The reason it’s so quiet is possibly the weather. Sane people stayed home. Driving here from Cache Creek we had some sun, some rain, then on the final leg into Barkerville it started. First it was slushy, then it was harder and in the form of hail then snow. It did not stick but OMG it got cold.

We will see if there is any on the ground in the morning we have had light rain on and off but it is going down tonight. I am glad we decided to come and spend a night here even if the rain kept me from enjoying town.

Animal wise it’s getting better we are now up to 3 deers each seperate sightings. Cows are up to 890 million, a few horses. The cherry on top was our first black bear of the trip. We have it on camera and on dash cam video.

We are nice and toasty in our trailer with the propane heater. Tomorrow is another Harvest Hosts at a train museum in Prince George BC.

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  1. Oh wow! A train museum? Cool, for sure. Looking forward to that report. Glad to see your bear sighting. Hope the weather gets better an$ better!

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