Oh Canada

We made it minus six levelling blocks, I’ll expound and state a valuable lesson at the same time. Spent the morning trying to find a bank or duty free shop to exchange money with no limit. Found one not Wells Fargo because we are not customers so I had that on my mind. Next thing happened I had to check the little room in the back of the trailer inside I hear the tailgate close, I’m thinking he picked up the blocks. After I lock up I don’t look around like I always do; in the car we hear clunk jerk. I asked what we run over. Roy says it’s probably a sticky break cause I checked the brakes in reverse. I say do you want me to go look. Roy’s answer was no. Fast forward to camp setup at Cache Creek that night, guess what wasn’t there. Yes, the nothing we ran over. (should have got out) We had enough for the hitch but decided to be a tad off balance. Lesson learned don’t mess with routine.

You know how you prepare to cross the border based on past experience it’s never the same. I finished up my milk so we didn’t cross the border with it. We both went over our answers to how long you in Canada for, how much money we had. It was not important. The female Border Agent was more curious about Roy’s trucking career and what I retired from then anything else. The other thing was asking two different ways if we had any alcohol. After going through our passports she saw a stamp from our entrance into Beaver Creek Canada in 2017. We said yes, she then asked if we’d been searched then. I said no, (Roy thought she was going to say well then today’s your day). She smiled when I said we wanted a stamp because no one does that anymore. I did make sure Roy would not contaminate any more border crossings cause he would stay in the car. (If you haven’t heard about that I’ll retell it just let me know in the comments).

So border crossing done headed to Cache Creek BC

We chose this route because of all the fruit stands that were closed the year we drove through here to avoid the fires. Well, this time through the fruit isn’t ready yet so gues what that means. Another trip north just a little later in the season. Heading up 97 to Peachland we were near water, beaches and vineyards. Maybe next trip spending a few days here.

Picking up 97c it was all ups and downs. Very little traffic on the road, I think because it is mountainous and winding. Taking back roads you never know what you will find, like the Highland Valley Copper mine.

It was gigantic. These are roads I am learning to enjoy.