Stop Whining

today’s the day, finally connected with a Harvest Host in Oroville WA. The winery is Esther Briques Winery, meaning sweet fragrance . The owner Linda said it was not intentional, either way it works. Arriving mid-afternoon after an interesting lunch experience in Omak WA more on that later. We parked right next to grapes that were planted in 2007. They started the vineyard in 2001 and it has grown each year. In choosing the name of the winery she picked on E so she was closer to the beginning of the alphabet so when sellers are listed alphabetically she is not lost in the middle.





We spent some time chit chatting with these two retired teachers who are working harder now since when they were working for a living. I can tell they both enjoy creating and sharing the ‘fruits of their labor’ Roy tasted a few wines and we settled on Forbearance. Story behind this blend is the day they were beginning to harvest the grapes they treed a mom and three cubs. Long story short after the local fire department came out and Washington Fish and Game came out they were able to get the bears down. Linda decided to name it Forbearance after the incident.

Now for lunch (small rant here) Do you know two 3 piece dark meat chicken one side each is over 20 bucks at KFC. You can tell I don’t eat at KFC often. It was almost as bad getting just 8 pieces of dark meat. I just thought I would share that. Now back to the blog.

Animals are increasing we saw two deer in a field. I also wanted to show you pictures of one of the dams in the area.




We’ve been gone a week today next stop Canada.

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  1. Wow!! you got taken on that meal then. A 3 piece dark meat with 2 sides and a bisquit should not have been more than $7.50 per person. I loved the name Forbearance!! Enjoying following you guys…….


  2. It was insane needless to say we bought the 8 piece and called it a wash lol I’m glad I enjoy writing it


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