Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

watching the tide roll in. Sorta. We hada change of plans with Harvest Hosts again, tomorrow is another chance. Today was to be in Yakima Wa a winery and distillery (granted they were closed). The view from the driveway was amazing. I say driveway because that’s as close as we came. I guess the jeep doesn’t want to pull a trailer up a steep 24% grade in all wheel drive. (next time 4×4 before we start). Add to the steep incline and possible water in gas tank we were not going there.

So you ask how did we turn around? WE DIDN’T! Roy’s prior lifestyle choices paid off (he was an over the road truck driver). Seeing pulling the trailer we could not do a u-turn, he backed all the way down the hill using only his side mirrors. I said nothing just sorta held my breathe. I did say how impressed I was he said it could have been better. We got down in one shot so that is all I care about. Once down the hill and pointed in the right direction we said now what.

First things first gas at costco then truck on to get close to Oroville, WA because we are staying at a winery tomorrow. We head up the US 82 to US 90 climbing all the way, then 284 to 17 which is where we are now. We stopped for the night beside Blue Lake.

Amazing views and even some gulls to entertain me. It is interesting how even out in the middle of nowhere there are places you don’t feel like staying due to the disrepair of the place. We passed a few before settling down for the night.

The only thing that made me nervous was the amount the wind that was blowing. I talked Roy into putting in the slide. The way the awning over the slide out was really whipping. (Last thing needed was a sail. BTW the wind quit blowing. I prefer to be safe rather then sorry. We are camping in a huge pull out area with a camper at either end so we know we are where we are supposed to be.

I have to say the animal sightings are increasing right before we found the place to bed down a healthy doe crossed the road in front of us. At the pull out there were gulls and magpies. We have a short drive up to Oroville, WA then it’s onto Cache Creek BC

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