Nostalgia Strikes

Today was all about old stomping grounds, Bishop, CA, Montgomery Pass, NV, Hawthrone, NV and Wildes Manor and setting down in Fallon at Lattin Farms home of a cool yearly corn maze. We used to travel over Montgomery Pass when we lived in Nevada and had to head to California. At the top of the pass there used to be a hotel, restaurant, and casino, no more.

Did I mention there was snow in the mountains.

We also would see a herd of wild mustangs. Today they were not in their usual place so no pictures. I did see them down in the valley but there was no place to pull over. Hawthrone NV is where the Army and Navy have weapon storage facilities. I think the foot print has gotten bigger. Roy did notice that the town of Hawthrone has many closed businesses and is a little run down.

Wildes Manor was the mobile home park we lived at when I decided to have a mid life crisis and join the Army (good decision). I would have to say that it shocked me to see the condition it was gone, just piles of wood and some metal frames. It was a 20 space park and it looks like it happened recently. Lattin Farms is a local produce grower in the area and they allow RVs who are members of Harvest Host to stay.

This is our first night no hook-ups, not bad now that the TV is working. I blew a fuse and now Roy can add McGyvor to his bag of tricks. I plugged in the 12v TV into the socket then tried to plug it into the TV. I grounded it out, the plug did what it was supposed to do and blew its fuse. Guess what we didn’t have extra fuses. Guess what will be in our toolbox now. The fuse is now working because Roy wrapped it in foil and then put it back in the plug. It worked now I just have to remember to plug into the TV first. Camping is definitely an adventure.

Speaking of adventures, maybe next year’s road trip will be driving across US 6. The road goes from Bishop CA to Provincetown MA. I think that could work only if we come back through Canada. I haven’t posted any animal sightings because there hasn’t been many. A rabbit at Kramer Junction and the wild horses near the pass. So send animal thoughts my way please.

Friday is another true SOP experience as no reservations have been made. We want to make it to Burns OR which is over 5 hours so we will see.

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