It’s Raining It’s Pouring

that’s what happened on our drive to Burns, OR today. The most intriguing thing about the rain today is the view was so flat and wide that you could actually see the squall line. There were spots where two feet off the road it was dry and we were getting wet. We did get a bath for lancelot and the car.

Pulling out of Fallon NV I found my sign. ‘I don’t have a dirty mind …. I have a sexy imagination’. Just saying those who know me know that’s partly true. We also had some rain when we pulled into Lattin Farms so it was a tad muddy. We all know it’s not camping until you get dirty. The cool thing about the Harvest Host membership is all they ask is you buy something from their establishment so fresh garlic and zucchini bread made it into the trailer. We are also going to be stopping at three wineries this coming week. (guess what we will get there).

The drives have been lacking in animals except for cows, cows, and more cows. The sad thing was we did see a dead cow on the side of the road and what must of been his mate standing by the side of the road. I’m thinking the animals are saving themselves until we stay in one place for a few days.

After dodging rain drops we get to Burns and decide to stay for the night. We pull around a curve and see the RV park and realize we’ve been here before. Still a good place to stay, especially since they had space. Flying by the seat of the pants off the beating path isn’t that bad. Well, we needed to head back into town to get gas, Roy forgot that Oregon is a full service gas pump state. He hopped out started to pump and then saw eight sets of eyes on him oops his bad. Tomorrow I’ll make sure he stays in the car.

4 thoughts on “It’s Raining It’s Pouring

  1. Somehow, my brain didnt correlate that you were going to be in Burns. I got the Pendleton on the first info, but not Burns. Rats, because Burns is less than 3 hours away. Oh well, travel well my friends… wishing you awesome animal sightings!

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    1. Lenny not your brain drain we didn’t mention Burns because that was an open day drive until tired. Burns was the place. We will catch up soon


  2. No self-serve in Oregon ??? Wrong … got to Pendleton, OR and the sign reads – “SELF SERVE ONLY”. Guess the ‘full service’ doesn’t apply to Indian owned gas stations. We left the liquid rain behind us (for now) … but the Cottonwood Rain is very heavy … it’s in full bloom – seed puffs everywhere and the air looks like a snowstorm … did we mention … ??? … Darcy has an allergy to Cottonwood. Glad we brought extra face masks !!


  3. They just changed the Oregon fuel law. I think that everywhere except very eastern Oregon (Burns east maybe) can now have self serve.


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