Random Thoughts

Yesterday Roy and I were sitting outside at the pinic table. The sun was on my hair, wind gently blowing through it, hubby has his elbows on table. He looks into my eyes I’m thinking this is romantic. You are too, well you are wrong. What came out of his mouth ‘My you really do have grey hair.’

Seriously. I thought he was going to say ‘having a great time’ ‘can you get me a cup of coffee. That is why I love him. After I faked being shocked more then I was he did tell me it looks good and frames my face.

He redeemed himself later by taking me out for ribs. This dinner will feed us for most of the week. We are boondocking in Fallon so no microwave solve the problem order two whole rack of ribs so we have leftovers. The old expression eyes bigger then stomach held true. These ribs were the best I’ve had since Carson’s the place for Ribs in Chicago. Truly fall off the bone no knife needed, and tangy not spicy BBQ sauce.

Today we hung around Lone Pine and did some more scoping for the October rally, looking forward to the movie museum and movie road tour. We checked out the kitchen at the campground and found some birds for the birders in our group.

Something tells me this trip is going to be special be it animals, scenery or just spending time with my love. I am also glad you are coming along for the journey.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Looking forward to a lot of new places (to us) this year …

    … at least she still has lots of hair …. looked for years now and still can’t find mine …..


  2. Enjoying this “back seat” on your journey. I promise not to whine, “ are we there yet?”


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