On the Road

Well our first day

is actually a night. Pulling out at zero dark thirty. I mentioned we were also undertaking a kitchen remodel, you know that means removing everything that you don’t want demolished. Roy was in charge of making notes and taping them everywhere, I was in charge of finding a place for our landline to live. (Mind you this was 2 am on Tuesday right before we pulled out.)

Fast forward to me sitting in the trailer at Kramer Junction catching up on typing. It was windy when we left at 4 am so we took the long way which involved going up Cajon Pass. The pass is on the 15 it connects Victorville and some other ‘bedroom communities’ to Los Angeles. I’m glad we were heading away from LA, at 5:30 am traffic headed in was heavy. Regarding traffic I did ask a brilliant question (I had just woke up): climbing up a hill I see a string of headlights coming torwards us I ask are those headlights? Roy responds nope they are white taillights headed in the other direction. Here’s your sign. (those who know Bill Engvall those who don’t here’s a link https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Engvall ). My story is I was very tired so that’s what I’m sticking with.

I have decided to share my bed, wait I mean pics of my bed.

Go Green Bay. Just saying. We have settled in for the night at Boulder Creek RV Park in Lone Pine. Tomorrow we are headed up to Fallen Nv, to stay for free at a Harvest Host a club where you can stay at wineries or farms. This also had another sign moment tied to it. We will be traveling up US 6 to Fallon instead of what I swore would take us there US 395.(BTW 395 goes to Reno). I’m glad I’m not driving. (directionally challenged).

Roy’s getting comfortable and waiting for Jeopardy. Have to see James continue his streak.

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