Soon Almost Tomorrow

we are out of here. Embarking on a 3 1/2 month journey into the Great White North. Getting ready was a challenge, because not only is this the longest trip, it will be the most boondocking we have done. Plus the little thing of a kitchen remodel.

Kitchen floor and backsplash, cabinets are on the patio in boxes.

It has been crazy but fun to attempt. We will be able to follow the progress via email and Roy’s daughter Sue. I have to say it would not have happened without her help. I do promise to post pictures when I get home. All I have to say is HGTV makes it look so easy. I never realized you have to pick everything. The last word on this though is I am getting a dishwasher not named D A R C Y.

As far as packing the trailer goes I was able to load in pieces, just need to add clothes and car stuff. I’m off to finish laundry so I have clothes to take. Just a word about my blogs this trip, I’m not sure how reliable the internet will be but I will upload when I can so there might be binge reading in your future.

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