Buki’s Road Trip

for a cat who did not travel well he has had a lot of adventures through this blog. This year he will be able to join the trip in spirit. We have his ashes and will be taking them with us, I have set him up in a travel case. Side note is we won’t have to be concerned about curvy roads, ashes DO Not get car sick. The memories involved with road tripping with Buki are many. One of my favorites is the fact that he knows you do not drive at night it is for sleeping. So if the sun set at 5pm he thought for sure we needed to be at our destination. The other thing I remember the most is curvy roads disagree with tummy, (I have to say will not miss this). His own personal hidey hole an used disposable litter box. Our road trips with Buki have always been an adventure, both Roy and I will miss him. He is in a better place and did not have to endure to much pain on this side.

I am sharing just a few of the many cute pics of him.

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