Greatest Show On Earth

Subtitle My life’s A Circus.

I grew up in Wisconsin and never made it to Baraboo. Roy and I decided to run away and join the circus. We realized watching the circus was more fun then joining it, plus my balance is off and I can’t balance on a unicycle.

We get to Circus World and head directly to the big top. If you are ever near here it’s great fun. I have to say this circus still has elephants.

It also has pigs, clowns, and dogs.

I actually got the nerve to hug a pig and ride an elephant here’s proof

After the fun and games I hiked actually got a golf cart ride up to the circus wagon display. The wagons look brand new

We finished the afternoon off with a tiger show and some gift shop shopping.

2 thoughts on “Greatest Show On Earth

  1. Glad that Darcy made friends with the pig …. 1200 pounds of bacon … YUMMM … !! Watching a show ‘Under the Bigtop’ did bring back some kidhood memories. … a wonderful step back in time … !! I miss those days.


  2. I never went to a circus under a big top. Ironic since (I think) Bronco Billy was filmed here…


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