We Interrupt This Vacation…..

for rain. Funny how certain events trigger memories. I was sound asleep this morning, when about 6am the wind woke my butt up (that’s what I get for leaving the bathroom vent open.) So after I get up and close the vent, I am sitting in bed thinking about what my mom would say. ‘You don’t want to be in a metal box in a rain storm.’ So where was I? Sitting in a metal box in a rain storm in Iowa.

After my first sky is falling moment. I realized we were ok because of being grounded by our tires. Then the wind really kicked up, so second sky is falling. I am thinking tornado, but this feeling went away too as I heard no siren. Point here is you can move my around the country, but I’m still a midwest girl at heart.

So now that I realized the sky is not falling I’ve been sitting here enjoying the rain, because this does NOT happen in California.

One thought on “We Interrupt This Vacation…..

  1. Where’s the pics … ??? NO ONE in California will have any idea of what ‘rain’ is or what you’re talking about. ‘Pics’ … or rain did not happen !!!

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