What a ZOO

Sunday, morning Roy, me, Dave and Dave’s wife Candi decide to head to West Bend and talk to the animal’s or at least feed them. The place is called Shalom Wildlife Zoo in Westbend Wi http://www.shalomwildlife.com I was impressed with the animals and being able to feed them. If you are ever in West Bend area take the whole family. We saw deer, elk, zebra, birds. Candi was the one doing the feeding, I was there for morale support, Dave was map reader and Roy drove the golf cart. It was fun watching Candi feed the llama

Dave was feeding these deer that are always spotted.

We finished up the park and headed over to brunch on West Bend. Good weekend and fun time hanging with Candi and Dave

Saturday evening was cool as Dave and Candi stopped by the trailer and then we headed to dinner. The amazing thing is seeing him after about 22 years his voice hasn’t changed but he looks so much like our dad grey beard and all. I enjoyed meeting Candi Dave’s wife because I’m no longer the youngest. So we head to the bowling alley in Mayville for dinner, the bartender was Brandon but for some reason I kept calling him Tyler , Taylor for some reason he was not a Brandon. It’s been fun hanging with my bro and Candi I’m so thankful he’s kicked cancer’s butt.

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  1. To get me to Wisconsin … Darcy had to drag me the last 600 miles kicking and screaming …. !!


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