Thought there were only five, maybe six. Right. Well in my world there is someone who has seven. Roy calls it the super must happen sense. This happens alot when we are on the road, which gift shop to give up his nap to go into, usually grabs an extra special thing. It can involve taking a differant road to see something out of the ordinary. He can’t explain it but it’s his, today no exception.

I’ve been having some issues with the elephant in the storage cupboard this year. I think it thought more room for me. First it’s been 3 weeks since my infusion so that is making an effect, I haven’t been exposed to humidity since being diagnosed, also misjudged how much of a certain pill I needed. I added one that was supposed to help a little more. Let’s say allergy meds don’t mix and that had me just very uncomfortable.

We are in Door County peninsula famous for cherries, pointing into Lake Michigan, and responsable for Niagara Falls. (I’ll explain).

We did cheese and wine tasting which because I don’t drink not alot to taste. I went into a Christmas store and walked off with nothing a little disapointed, so down the road Roy turns into wine and cheese tasting. Inside thought was ok, I said it’s up to you. I’ve never had a cheese tasting pretty good bought two seperate cheeses. On to the wine tasting, Roy was starting to choose what he wanted to taste me t-shirts. One of the few times I’ve been exceptionally pouty about my MS. Why can’t I be uncomfortable because it’s humid, not down and out miserable because allergy medicine doesn’t like an ms medicine. So the testing server gets started and after some small talk Roy telling her how he came kicking and screaming the last 400 miles to Wisconsin. I asked why split between here and Cali, answer was good for her condition. (MS, small world) I needed that seeing someone who has a positive attitude handling a disease that sometimes punches you just for giggles. I mean who names a boa constricter squeezing your chest to extreme a hug MS does. I took a lot out of our brief contact that hopefully will blossom. All because of Roy’s seventh sense.

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