Primes, Parallels, and Centers

I’ve seen and crossed a few this trip. But the wackiest one is right outside of Wausau Wisconsin the 45°90°. This spot is one of the two spots on land that is halfway between the equater and north or south poles and halfway west or east of the prime meridian and halfway 180° meridian.

Roy wasn’t going to visit China.

We even found a cache here that’s my shadow standing there. I also am planning to stick my feet in 4 states later in this journey. I know the marker isn’t quite in the right place but don’t tell Roy. So far I’ve crossed the 50th parallel south of Campbell River BC, the geographical center of North America Rugby ND. Those I stumbled upon. Four Corners and Wisconsin were definately routed.

One thought on “Primes, Parallels, and Centers

  1. It was right by a huge corn field and I was NOT taking any chances that crop circles are real .. !!


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