Turn Left At The 3rd Tree

Actually it was turn right at the stake with a pink ribbon. I jump ahead though. I need to clarify I haven’t been posting animal pictures, not because I’ve been busy, it’s because I think they all moved north, or they think I’ve seen enough already. Back to the details.

We leave East Glacier about 7:30am, headed around the outside of the park, even leaving this early no animals. We drive through Kalispell into Libby and right on top of a power pole we see an eagle’s nest with an eagle hunkered down. Outside of Libby we take the time to do an Earthcache, I have to say I like learning about nature around the country.

Upon making our turn at tree number one outside of Troy (or in Roy’s story it’s really Roy and it fits him to a T) (I will rent him out cheap). We encounter Yaak River Falls unique rock and water color seeming to come out of nowhere spring must be a rush.

Heading up the road we turn at the second tree drive past a bridge with the local watering hole. Find the pink stake and third tree. Our arrival is annouced by the dog and out pops Tom, no beard but still has that twinkle in his eye. (I think he was glad to see we weren’t stalkers). Inside we head to sit down and get to chatting. Tom put on a pot of joe which was strong enough to put hair on your chest Roy said. Nancy said coffee is all Tom drinks sounds like someone I know. The cool thing to the afternoon was listening to how they came to the valley, some of his trapping stories and seeing pictures of the amazing leather and fur pieces they made. I do think Nancy learned Tom would sneak into Canada to hunt years ago, being they are four miles from the border. She mentioned that they cross country skied to have a pinic one winter. No more as now there are ground sensors and a 5,000 dollar fine if caught. The ideas and points of view about not having the trappings of computers and cell phones was refreshing. They even had a landline plus they share Roy’s idea of a cell phone add 10 dollars every few months, it just makes calls.

I also spent time staring out the window watching all the birds feeding, and one baby chipmunk stealing nuts. We got directions out of town for a scenic drive, which was all paved and drove the ridge line. Tom even said I might see a mountain lion. (I have to settle for the stuffed one in his house). It is amazing how everything in the cabin he shot or trapped and the fact it was done not for show, they use everything from the animals.

Speaking of animals the road down we see two deer and once we cross the cattle guard this is what is there, of course in the middle of the road,

Roy was trying to talk him into coming over for dinner, I mean being dinner. We also saw a couple of wild turkeys on the way to Wal-Mart so it wasn’t a total bust on animals.

I will have to say making the call and visiting with both Tom and Nancy gives me a deeper respect for people who live off the land. Well worth the side trip.