The Lead In

People who know me know I’m shy and do not speak up. Oh wait, that’s not right. A small bit of back story, yes, there always a story.

The heat in the northwest was rough for me and after the ferry on Thursday, Friday was get out of dodge or Seattle. Heading to Spokane get there it’s 100 degrees. On to Bonners Ferry, ID.

Next morning we enter Montana and cross the Yaak River. I get an idea! The reality show Mountain Men features Tom and Nancy Orr from the Yaak River Valley. Stopping in Troy Montana I google Tom and Nancy Orr I find a number and give it a call. Nancy answers and we chat and she confirms that they are the one and only, also that they were 50 miles from where we were. She wanted to know if I wanted to talk to Tom, who was out and about with people. I said no did not want to disturb. I knew Roy and I admire their stamina (hell I wish I had their stamina now.) so I handed the phone to Roy he just wanted to let them know how much he enjoyed the show. She said if we ever get in the area again stop.

You don’t have to tell Roy twice. We had planned on staying in East Glacier for 3 days.

These four things are inportant

  1. Roy was a trucker
  2. It’s only 200 miles from Yaak River Valley
  3. We had extra days available
  4. We had to go to Wal-mart which is 75 miles in the same direction

We arrive at Y Lazy R (stayed here 2 years ago) we were able to squeak a reservation in and asked if they had 2 more nights available. If they did his plan would come together. Yes, things are gellin. Sunday Roy calls and gets Tom who is like sure, here’s Nancy. (Tom was probably thinking great I have to entertain. Roy and I said that is what I would think). Getting the directions which involved three trees and a left turn we set up Tuesday for the meet and greet. Next up the whole adventure, including some cows.

Here’s a link to a good article about Tom

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