Still My Favorite…


The bald eagle will always be my favorite bird to shoot. It was day 6 of our photo adventure, the morning was Skilak Lake and this was another morning play hooky. It just was a choice, I knew eagles were more of a sure thing.

Lisa and Len took us to the secret spot just as the rain stopped. I started to get disappointed because parking would have required a walk. Never fear Len drove right on the beach. This gave Dee, Wendy, and me great position. It was amazing to see a zillon eagles everywhere fish scraps do the trick.

The other interesting thing was to watch the pecking order for food. First mature bald eagles, then juvies, and at the bottom gulls.

This guy is not sharing.

I think this little guy hasn’t figured out you can’t eat seaweed.

Walking along the beach I took pictures of shells, kelp, fish bones, and coal which washed up on the beach.

This year the gulls were waiting their turn by playing a game of follow the leader.