Up The Creek …….

with a motor, it was also a wide river. On Tuesday we took a ride up the Kenai and Moose rivers, you get a whole differant perspective from water, then on the shore. The river is quite high due to a late spring thaw and the recent amount of rain made it easy to motor up it, the last group had to use a push boat.

We divided into two groups, I took the early morning wanted to get it out of the way not a friend of boats. It was cloudy when we left and sprinkling on our return. I have yet to see a loon on this trip, and I still didn’t see it. What I did see was 2 Trumpeter Swans super long neck I love how they curl their necks down to get a drink. I might have a picture of it.

The water rose so fast that a pair of grebes lost their nest we were lucky to watch them rebuild a small portion of it. It also reinforced what I learned about bald eagles not only do they chase gulls, they also chase ducks. For being beautiful birds they are bullies.

I will catch up on blogging soon tomorrow we go on our bear trip to Lake Clark. I willtake lots of pictures to add to the amazing ones from this week.

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    1. She is having trouble with her internet hotspot. MetroPCS will lie abut anything to get the biz. We’re very disappointed. We got a new account that ‘should’ have allowed her to post along the way, but sadly, no.

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  1. Have amassed 74 bags of kettle corn from the farmer’s market here … planning ahead for the photo viewing session(s) … :p

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    1. 4000 pictures to go through I figure we will have 3 nights of slide show at the far out west rally


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