Back to Civilization

I am sitting in the Anchorage airport waiting to check in for my flight. It sucked that I haven’t been able to post any pictures due to a problem with my wifi hotspot. I tried to keep up with blogging and going through photos I took each day did not work. I might have to do an Alaska slide show each night of the rally.

I will post a day to day blog about the past ten days by Thursday at the latest. Pictures might be a little longer (4000) pictures to go through. I am caught up to the day we took the boat out of Seward AK.

A quick over view from the trip includes lots of moms and babes. Chris from our group hit the nail on the head when he said this trip is all about motherhood and being protectors of the babies. I was amazed at how close we were able to get to the wildlife. Adventures and comedy that I seemed to be in the middle of, (I might have started some.) Learning new skills and being able to put the practices to use. Yes, even some close a little to close bear encounters. This is what’s coming in my blogs.

Photo bucket list is down to photographing a lynx, and the northern lights. As a side note being well removed from lots of people and chatter for ten days sitting in this airport is a little over stimulating.

I can’t wait to share my adventures with all

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