Glad I Took One

I am so glad I made the right choice with staying back yesterday, my fellow peeps were wet or I should say drenched. I am glad they were able to see a few bears even though it was wet.

Yesterday, did give me a chance to catch up on my blogs go through 800 pictures. I found a few amazing pictures of the mom bald eagle feeding her baby. Also in the treasure trove a few extreme cuteness alerts (otters with babys).

I started to feel better in the afternoon. Felt excellent after a meal of fresh caught salmon by Jan from our group, seafood charter, and a halibut casserole all AMAZING.

After dinner we went scouting for animals, we even found some. Side note, Lisa and Len have been amazed with how cooperative the animals have been. As a group we have gotten closer then most other years, also the abundance of them . Last night there was a cow moose and a calf that was maybe a week or two, did not get a picture of the calf did take numerous pictures of mom.

I am pushing my limits by not showing fear and safely getting out of the car to shoot. I think it’s easier in a group, you still have to be aware. The cow moose started to get irratated by the traffic on the dirt road so we took cue and backed up.

Caribou, one more cow and calf, plus a few birds finished the session out. Today was the boat ride still need to check pictures.

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