Amazing a bald eagle baby who might be a few days old. We were able to watch mommy bird beak feed. The little guy looked so amazing. The other amazing part was a quick twenty minute stop turned into a two hour lovefest of cuteness. People who know me know that the Bald Eagle is one of my favorites. I watch eagle cams at home and have seen eagles feeding their babies, but to see it and photograph it in real life this was the cherry on top of a beautiful day. (More on that later). Sunday’s animal sightings were more abundant.

I have already stretched my boundries, I have not been impressed with my ability in taking landscapes so I rarely use my wide angle lens. On the way home we stopped at the Russian Orthodox Church Ninilchik to practice some wide angle shots. This is one of the most photographed buildings on the Kenai.

The day started with checking one of the photos from my bucket list. A cow moose with not one baby but two, I only saw this once and it was a quick flash then gone. Today was time to compose and settle in for some photos. Too bad I don’t have room in my carry-on.

Upon arrival at the dock we did not see the Time Bandit (boat from Deadliest Catch, a little bummed but the sights we saw made me forget about the Time Bandit.

Arriving at Gull Island we saw Sea Otters with a few babies, then more, and more, and still more. It was unbelievable Lisa, Len (our 2 guides), and Carl (our boat driver) had never seen so many cooperative otters. We stayed here for hours and I have a zillon pictures of furry cuteness, there was so much.

Sunday in Homer was finished off by treating the group to wine tasting at Bear Creek Winery in Homer. If you are ever in Homer check it out. I love embracing turning 50 all year.

Just to finish up those who know me know I have MS one thing I’ve learned traveling with Roy is management. I stayed back from the bear fly out to manage and recover from the awesome day yesterday was. I want to embrace the rest of the week and I am doing the bear extension.

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  1. Looking forward to comparing your pics of the Russian Orthodox church from 2016 to this year’s. Nice on the animals !! (and birdies) …. eat more chicken !!!

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  2. I know I took pictures from below did I take any from up top. Lisa also showed us the crazy gift shop she did not go in.


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