SEAgulls NOT

Seagulls do not exist, I learned this twenty minutes into the trip. I should have googled this before I left. I also might have to write it five hundred times if I keep slipping, just kidding I hope. On the boat on Sunday I kept popping out with how many seagulls were on Gull island . The funny thing was having a whole boat go a WHAT LOL. Our second stop of the day was Potter’s Marsh where I thought I saw a seagull actually I saw an Artic Tern, a bird who has the longest migration, boy I bet their wings are tired. We also encountered Glaucous-winged Gulls, Glaucous Gulls and Black-legged Kittiwake (if you listen to the call they say their name).

Also in the mix on Saturday were some Sandhill cranes we saw on our way back from the store. I have a few pictures but they are kinda grainy. Sandpipers or known as Lesser Yellowlegs. My favorite bird the Bald Eagle, Sunday we saw a baby bald eagle more on that later.

I do know this trip I will so alot of birds and I am keeping tabs on when I see them. I can say birds are wonderful and interesting knowing the names and backstories, but I might still call Gulls Seagulls.

2 thoughts on “SEAgulls NOT

  1. SOoooo … not all gulls that fly can SEA … ?? … I’m confused !! Hold on … I’ll get some fig newtons and SHOW you some SEAgulls !!!


  2. I will explain it all to you through a picture book and we can figure out which ones are fig gulls


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