One Moose

We saw 4 moose but only one would stand still for his picture. The drive down Saturday was wet and raining. I do have to say the weather gods did smile on us because I learned how to shoot a dreamy waterfall.

I would have to say that was good because we were able to settle in, get a short trip to the store to get things forgotten, and have a nice dinner outside because it stopped raining.

After dinner we decided to go scouting for animals. We saw one earlier in the day but could not stop. Driving around on the back roads Lisa our leader saw a moose with a baby but be the time we got stopped they were into the woods. Just about ready to give up on moose, we are driving by an intersection and see a moose down the side road. We were able to photograph him for awhile as he stayed there more concerned with leaves then us.

Read on to find the amazing amount of animals on Sunday.