Our Group

I’m ok with not being the youngest this trip. We have Dee and Wendy both older and well travelled photographers from the east coast. Chris is the only guy other then our second guide, he is from New Brunswick Canada. Along with me he is the other nonbirder. We are all together in cabin three closet to the main house.

In cabin two there is Jan who is from Phoenix and seems to be pretty quiet. Sharing that cabin is Kelly who is the youngest by a few years. She was gifted this by her husband very sweet.

We then have Lisa who is such a bubbly genuine person and she enjoys sharing her passion for both photography and birds, she with the others will try and convert me. They started the first day when I saw the elusive SEAgull. You do know they don’t exist. More on that later. Len is Lisa’s second in command and helps us stretch the boundries also.

The cabins we are staying at are right on the Kenai river. Marlow’s on the River https://www.marlowsonthekenai.com The views are amazing and so are the owners if you want river front property this is the place. All in all I’m looking forward to an awesome trip.

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