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Sunday morning we get up and figure we will hit Leggitt and set up for the day then head to Monterey.  Then we get to thinking San Francisco + Golden + Gate Bridge + Monday morning = we’ve had better ideas.  This is where open field driving  continues for day two.  I haven’t been as good this trip on walking in the morning but I did this morning.  I was surprised how close to the water this rest area was tucked in the redwoods.  OK, the ocean was through some trees and down a cliff, but, still it was WATER.

Something dawned on me this trip travelling through the hills and redwoods, when you add water to already soaked grounds the earth will move.  Roy and I saw this first hand when we got stopped by every red light on the Redwood Highway.  I think there was at least five slide areas that Caltrans were in the process of repairing.

This was the first time I had been on 101 in this area our last trip we headed up the scenic drive Avenue of the Giants.  Hwy 101 is curvy and in and out of massive redwood trees.  I am still a water person but these are majestic almost to the point of converting me.  Remember I mentioned heat in my earlier post well, it hit.  Pulling into Standish-Hickey SP it was 88 degrees about 11am. Our campsite had no hook-ups which meant no AC for me. So this cemented the deal we would push on to somewhere near the coast.  

Continuing down 101 we come to the junction of Hwy 1 but stay on 101, that turned out to be a good choice because 1 was closed near Muir Woods.  I am so glad the car had AC because at one point it was 106 outside.  No wonder the car kept giving us heat alerts this area doesn’t see temps like this.  Maybe they were trying to welcome me home.

Once we get to San Francisco we head over the Golden Gate Bridge but, first through a tunnel the Robin Williams Memorial Tunnel (that was a quick name change). I wonder what is was called before.  We stayed on Hwy 1 to skirt going through most of San Francisco I do see a trip back here in the near future.  Being so close to New Brighton SP we pushed on and got a site here and we would move to the reserved site in the morning.

Even though we didn’t dally through the Redwoods I am glad we got out of the heat.

The link that follows is FYI I just wanted to share what Caltrans is thinking of doing to part of the redwoods in the name of progress

So we have Monday and Tuesday in Monterey and Wednesday in Morro Bay then another trip put to bed.

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