Open Field Driving

that is what the last part of the trip has been.

We left Camp Rilea OR on saturday morning had all intention to drive to Coos Bay OR (224 miles) spend the night, then, head to Standish-Hickey SP (305 miles) near Leggett CA spend the night, then, head to New Brighton Beach SP (295) near Monterey CA.  Not a bad plan. 


Fire, mudslides, and construction have not been our friend this year, oh add some heat too.  Just by accident we hear of a fire that is burning near Brookings OR which is below Coos Bay OR but above Leggett CA.  There was a chance the road could get closed, so Saturday we played by ear.  I’m good with driving once we get on the road and don’t stop (except to use the towable potty).  

On the way to Coos Bay ran into construction controlled by a red light.  You guessed it first in line and yes I grabbed a photo.  Once we get to our campsite which was early in the day staying one night we didn’t want to drop found out the beach was not in walking distance we moved on.

Next stop maybe the trees of mystery above Leggett CA  we could do the tour in the morning before heading to Leggett.  We get to that spot and the lot is empty and there’s a hotel across the street probably not a good idea.  Onward!  

It’s getting dark and I remember from years ago when we went through here there was a herd of elk that hung out.  We had seen some earlier in the day.  Yes still a few animals showing themselves.  So in my mind I’m thinking no elk no elk.  There was none we saw.

Funny how California won’t let you park in unofficial rest areas, but, the official ones are so far apart.  We stopped for the night about 100 miles north of Leggitt in the only rest area in say 300 miles.  Sunday will be day two of open field driving.