The Old Adages

A Watched Pot Never Boils…. Time Flies When You Are Having Fun…….

These two are perfect for this morning.  This is our last day in Washington and I’ve been watching my stovetop coffee maker make coffee forever (ok 10 minutes) and it’s at 5 cups.  

Why you ask a stovetop coffee maker instead of the Kuerig?  You have to make sacrifices for beach front living.  We are at a state park in Washington with no hook-ups, and it’s to early for the generator. (Side note it works as a heater too).  So being self contained has it’s advantages.  BTW I’ve stopped watching while writing and we are up to 9 cups out of 10. (5 minutes).  Once I got a handle on the pot making sure I close the filter compartment before placing the pot in I don’t mind making it. 

Time sure does fly.  I can’t believe we will be home this time next week.  It seems like yesterday we were leaving the states and entering Canada.  If I haven’t mentioned this I will now, this year has been all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.  

This evening we are sitting at Camp Rilea OR.  listening to range fire.  Just the noise and uniforms are bringing happy memories back.  Tomorrow on to Coos Bay OR.  Hopefully we will be able to avoid the fire NE of Brookings OR.  The fire has been burning since mid July.