Whale of a Tail

Editor’s note:  No whales or humans were harmed during the telling of this tale. Although both were wet.

Yesterday we left Whidbey Island and Ammo Chief (Ken) and his wife Kay.  It was enjoyable grabbing grub at the Chief’s club.  The Navy sure has so many differant versions of it’s uniform, glad I joined the Army.

Ok, I confess I talked Roy into buying a few quick picks.  I am writing this because we did not win. Five ticckets netted us one number.   The drive down 101 to 112 to 113 back to 101 was very green.  I know it rains here by the amount of moss on the trees reminds me of northern Wisconsin.

We arrive at Kalaloch State Park to drizzle and check-in station closed it’s about 3 no problem.  Find a volunteer who tells us about Gray Whales milling around the beach.  Ok I have blonde roots!  My mind is thinking why are they on the beach.  Rest assured they were in the water.  I did say it was drizzling, so a group of us are standing looking out on the ocean, when the guy next to me goes there’s one.  I can barely see it, he was convinced it was an Orca.  He knows because he watched nature shows.  I started to buy it until I cleaned my glasses.

Once we got set up in camp, the weather cleared and we were able to see more of the pod, and follow them for a time.  Today we are headed into the Hoh rain forest. BTW we have ocean front property again.