Fresh Fish

Hyder is a strange little town cute, quirky, and quaint.  This includes the food.  Everyone speaks highly of the Bus, we missed this last year.  Our first night in town we drive over to get some fresh seafood.  Headed over to see if she was opened not until 4pm so went to explore Stewart with passports in hand. 

Fun fact here Hyder is in the US no border crossing Stewart is in Canada border crossing.  We decided to stay in Hyder so we didn’t have to keep crossing the border numerous times a day.  There’s a little bakery in Stewart that has a sausage breakfast roll that was like the ones we had in Amsterdam, so we picked some up for breakfast and had to get a sweet of course.  We were then able to hook up to the internet check mail and phone messages, because Stewart is the only place with cell service on 37a or 37.

We head back to the bus about 5pm already a crowd, that’s cool I can talk with people.  Order our food wait an hour get it delivered best grilled halibut ever well worth the wait. 

I learned during the wait that Bella Coola will be an awesome drive and the drive done to Vancouver will be curvy but the road is completely paved.  The other thing is bears do still come into town proof from the shattered door window of the bus. 

More to come about the week in Hyder

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  1. Barkerville, south of Prince George, BC is worth the sidetrip if you like historical towns complete with costumed characters. They have a nice campground we stayed in.


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