Chances Of This Happening …

One in a millon.  Picture this miss social butterfly who thinks anyone from Wisconsin is someone I might know or at least a Packer fan. (So I have to talk to them).  

Let me set the stage. After doing our twofer drive day get into Hyder Alaska,_Alaska one day early, do dinner at the bus, (story to follow) strike out at bear viewing, head back to Camp Run-a-Muck.  I go to pay the camp fee see a truck from Wisconsin must go talk. 

I ask basic question where you from, answer a small town west of Green Bay Waupaca. I start asking if the foundry is still operating, if the Sears Catalog Store is still down town.  They ask if I had lived there I answer yes 1976 till about 1980.  We talk about people we know, agree that Wisconsin has the best cheese curds and fish frys.  To make a long story short, she was the nurse who took care of me when I had my tonsils out and her husband worked as a counselor at the high school and remembered my brother Dave (AKA froggy) when he was part of the track team head shaving.  

Crazy and amazing the people you meet in a random place on a trip or vacation.  This lends a whole new meaning to small world.

4 thoughts on “Chances Of This Happening …

    1. I thought the Packer fans were a given. Like any fan from Wisconsin has to be Aaron if he’s enjoying himself or Clay if he can stay healthy.


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