Last year when we were in Hyder we stopped at Caroline’s Boundry Gifts saw a cute t-shirt but I’m not a kid.  We got talking she said come back next year and I will have one for you.  I think she thought they won’t be back. Did we surprise her.  She still only had the shirt in a child’s large (I don’t remember the last time I saw that size).  I whined and tried to bargain to see what could be done.  I told her what if I brought in a shirt would she do it.  She thought about it and said she had some kids shirts she had to screen she’d be doing them on Sunday so if I helped she would screen mine for free.  I’m easy.  More on that in another post.

We did lunch at the only sit down normal restaurant in Stewart, then of course on to a little shopping but the place was closed for lunch.  I did get a few headbands at the farmers market hair is growing.

I am trying to work on using manual focus on the camera and not to get to jittery so we head off to see some glaciers and waterfalls on Hwy 37A.  I took some of the same pictures as I  did last year only we were two weeks earlier this year.  Being two weeks early makes a big difference, stronger waterfalls, more bears, and yes more mosquitos.  I promise I will post side by side pictures of the glaciers so you can see the changes in a year.

We stopped back out at the Fish Creek where the bear viewing is I got a few pictures of bears and a small taste of combat phototaking.  Headed home because I’m getting a shirt tomorrow Sunday at 7am