What’s a twofer you ask? Doing two days of driving into one we will do anything to get out of boondocking.  We did spend one night along side the river on the Casier.  So we did not give it up completely.  The road was in good condition surprised though at the amount of truck traffic.  

We left Whitehorse in the Yukon on the morning of the third, the stop we were going to make was just to close so we drove on.  The second stop, which would have been where we would of stayed the second night we got there to early.  So we drove on.  After seeing semi wild horse at a brake check area we decided at the bottom of the hill near the rest area by the edge of Eddintenajon Lake we would stop.  On the way down the hill we saw a grizzly bear couldn’t get a picture because he was quicker then me. 

 Last year we saw no animals on the road which is why a twofer was perfect for this road.    Our stop left  us with only 180 miles to travel on the 4th. We also were able to pull in to Camp Run-a-Muck early by a whole day.  I needed a bear fix by now SO PERFECT a place for it also.

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