On the Road

Yesterday we entered into Canada now it’s all downhill from here 😆.  I had a blast last year and this year I enjoyed Alaska because of our extended stays in places, the Kenai held plenty of bears, eagles, and one large BULL moose.  I did not get my bear trip this year, but that’s OK.  

The dirt roads were many this year including our beach drives.  I was so picturing the Jeep getting swallowed up by the tide, instead the beach let me get closer to eagles then I ever thought possible. We drove up a dirt road 16 miles to have a rootbeer and beer.  One of the other roads we went on was to visit the Kilcher Homestead, we also followed one that took us to the head of Kachemak Bay beautiful views of glaciers across the bay.  Of course there was the dirt road that gave us a flat tire, it’s all good.

The eagles this year were amazing this is one of my favorite pictures of eagles I have many. I did crop it, I was fairly close though. 

It was a long drive yesterday the Yukon does not allow overnight camping in the rest areas so almost to Whitehorse we found a roadside parking area to pulloff and sleep.  This morning we slept late ran into construction but still got into Whitehorse at a reasonable hour.  Showers tonight because the next two days it will be no cell service and flying by the seat of our pants camping.  So I will post when I can.