Sitting along a pull out on the Richardson Highway we pull in and are greeted by a few bunnies after the day we had it was cool to watch them come back out to lick the ground.  I asked Roy if we should spend the night here he said lets move on.  So on we went, which was cool because a little farther down the road we saw a glimpse of a cow moose with her twin babies.  That is now off  my wildlife bucket list.  I am still looking for an Orca.  My last shot this trip will be Seattle.

Driving up the Richardson we not only got to see the animals we were following the pipeline and getting close to some glaciers.  This was a good decision to not camp on the Denali Highway but drive until Roy got tired.  Stopped for a late dinner in Delta Junction then headed down the 2 until we got tired saw another cow moose with a calf no pictures because they were too quick for me.  So after the flat it still turned out to be a good day.

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  1. I so enjoy reading of your adventures…Such a wonderful experience! Keep posting. (I
    doubt if you remember us… met you both at the Kingman Tech Rally – April 2016)

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