have an eye under my patch.  I know I’m going backwards but it’s ok rough last week.  Saturday morning we left Anchorage and I’ve been tired and the eye was bugging me a little it’s all good.

No animals on the way up to Talkeetna, but it was an easy highway drive.  When we got to the same place we stayed last year I realized we were smaller last year and fit well in the space, this year the space was smaller because our camper grew up.  So we get in our space drop the trailer and go shopping.  I even bought Roy an homemade ice cream shake.  After checking out the stores we headed to the overlook outside of town to take pictures of Denali.

Back down the hill for dinner and a question I had no good answer to. I do know kids say the darnest things it mortified his mother.  The kid who was probably 8 years old getting ice cream and looked me right in my eye and asked ‘Do you have an eye under there?’ What do you say to that I showed him my eye and the mother made him thank me for showing him. I so wanted to have a fake eyeball and have it pop out at him.

Its all good a full day with the patch and the eye is better for now, but I think I still need a fake plastic eyeball in my pocket if I ever get asked that again.  

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