Everyone Needs One

a lazy day, that’s what today has turned into.  Roy and I are taking antibiotics to break up this creepy crude, I just couldn’t drag myself  out of bed to go looking for animals this am.  I think I am going to grab my coffee andheaddown to the lake to see my beaver.

Saturday morning I walked down to the lake and saw a quite comical beaver. THEY KNOW when you are watching them.  I was watching him swim along so my thought record it. Just after I start recording he dives under the water, turn off the recording like magic resurface.  Like I said THEY KNOW, I did get a few pictures though.  

We got moving today right before lunch, almost gave up the hunt so to speak.  I saw two little cubs in a different clearing and then saw mama bringing up the rear limping.  Turns out there were three cubs younger then the three we saw the other day.  These guys needed to put on some weight.  I have some pictures of all three plus mom.  It is amazing how many bears around this year according to the locals.

After lunch we played two games of cribbage and headed back out into the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. We wasted enough time doing that we came upon a Wildlife Officer looking through binoculars.  I tell him that is just a rock and has NOT moved for three days.  He said that’s the largest 80 inch rock he ever saw.  Roy and I had just been talking about the lack of moose.  Ask and you shall see.  The officer said it was the largest bull moose he had ever seen.  YES, I did get pictures.

This has been quite the animalpoloosa this year.

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  1. … and it will take eons to go through through them all. I’ll know where to find Darcy when we get back … LOL


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