Right Through Camp

Ok maybe not through our campsite, but walking down the road. Yes, I did get pictures.  It is funny each bear you come across has a personality.  This huge guy kept looking over his shoulder thinking are you still following me.  Well after he crossed in front of us he took one last look over his shoulder to say follow me now as he disappeared into the woods.

Well, this is day two of boondocking  and it’s going good.  Today is also day 45 (June 15th) which means we are halfway home going by way too quickly.  Yesterday we drove to Seward got a picture of the water wheel in Moose Pass (missed it last year).  We also visited a weir (fish ladder) no bears but, did see some salmon jump.  Second attempt at seeing Exit Glacier last year too many mosquitos this year to rainy and cloudy.  Speaking of rain we’ve had more then last year at least we haven’t been stuck in the trailer.  It occurs when we are driving somewhere.

Today we got up early to find some moose and bear no moose but 3 black bear.  The one in the camp, a small guy right outside the enterance to our campground, then one guy who crossed in front of the car. We decided to take a drive towards Sterling to see if there was anything worth stopping at without the trailer.  We didn’t see anything got gas and headed back.  Highway up the rough Skilak Lake road back, no animals this time.

Roy’s taking a nap, I gathered some kindling for steaks on the barbie tonight.  This has been amazing the amount of food we are eating in.  We also have used the campground grills more.  My thought bigger kitchen and just all around easier. I am glad we had the aliner last year because it was a get your feet wet kind of camper, rather then jumping into the deep end.  

I did get my bear viewing boat trip in on the 19th so we are leaving on the 17th to head to Wally World in Kenai then down the Kenai to Ninilchik.