Change of Plans

Last night we were ‘Wallydocking’ and discovered we have a dud battery after 5 days 4 nights boondocking in Hidden Lake campground we discovered our sealed AGM battery will not keep a charge.  It did good while there but we were charging it a little every day so did not notice it.  So no boondocking, until after Anchorage.  

I am glad the second run of king salmon is late makes campgrounds easier to get into.  Called last night and was able to get a spot for a week.  We get to our full hook-up campground to find the electric is off all over the Kenai.   Well power is back on so all is good, heat, keurig, water without the pump running, and charging battery.  

I was supposed to go bear viewing tomorrow, but the weather is not playing nice, so the 24th we are shooting for.  This has been a much rainer trip then last year, but at least this year we aren’t in a tiny trailer.  If Roy gets on my nerves I can send him to the bathroom and close the door.

So I know one day we are going to check out Deep Creek for eagles, maybe do Clam Gulch, I have bear viewing one day, not sure what else to do.

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  1. A day at Homer, If/when the weather clears, a few side road trips, shopping (how could you forget that ??). I’m sure we’ll find plenty !!

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