Where You Coming From?

Canada was both Roy and my answers, almost in tandom.  The look on the customs agent’s face was priceless.  Like he knew ask a silly question, get a silly answer.  I know he meant what part of Canada but he didn’t ask it that way.  It would have only been better if we would have said California because that is where we started. It made sense to give him that answer though because this is the only road into Skagway AK USA from Canada.
We drove from Teslin after having a geocaching meet and greet for Canada Day a fellow cacher showed up and so did a RCMP.  He was in his dress uniform for Canada Day it’s amazing the pride he had in the job, and it shows.  He told Roy he doesn’t get to wear it often but today was the day.

We then headed to Skagway via Canada 8, it was rainy so got a free trailer wash out of it.  However we did miss the world’s smallest desert I read the milepost in the wrong direction.  The landscape between the two border crossing was quite amazing and unique crossing from tundra to subtundra.

Upon arriving in Skagway there were 3 cruise ships in town  which made shopping fun because the crowds would come in waves.  I would walk a few blocks then come back and have Roy move the car so I could do more shopping.

Today we head to Haines AK for about a week.  I will give a hit by hit account of the hammer museum, plus the July 4th fun.

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