The Crossing

Quick update from the 2nd, Roy and I ate lunch at a garden and tea room  interesting concept.   He humored me because it was also a glass blowing place. We then headed to the ferry dock to wait for our coach to arrive.  It did a little late but at least we wouldn’t be setting up in the dark because it doesn’t get dark until about 11pm.  The crossing itself was fairly quick under 45 minutes, now loading that took some doing.  If you were pulling a trailer you had to back onto the ramp and into your space just listening to the direction of the crew. For most not that easy the guy in front of us took 10 minutes and at least 3 tries.  I was impressed Roy did it in one shot, he is so AMAZING!

Once we checked in and got setup headed into town to grab grub.  I had my not cooked to death buffalo burger (in Canada they have to kill the meat when cooking), Roy had more seafood he is happy.

We then decided to go bear viewing and exploring drove up to Chilkoot Recreation Area saw some scat and other signs but no bears. Then as we are getting ready to head home we saw 3 camera shy cubs across the river.  The locals say there are three sows with a one cub, two cub, or 3 cub tail.  We never did see momma. Heading back to town coming round a curve we see a bear jump out in front of us he saw us at the same time so we avoided each other.  He by jumping back and us by slowing down.  The look on his face was ‘OMG HOOMANZ OH SH*T’ the look on our face was ‘OMG BEAR SH*T’.  We stopped and swung a uturn and waited for him to cross he did but was to quick for my camera.  Today we are going exploring the other side of town.  Gold Rush fever.