Command Decision or ….

Open field running.  There is always a reason to put fcfs (first come first serve) nights in the trip plan.  We weren’t going to spend the night in Skagway because of all the cruise ships.  Changed our mind and we will be spending the night it’s only a three hour drive and we were able to get reservations.

Tonite we are in Teslin  Yukon, we have power so I can use the keurig.😆.  The propane coffee pot is a pain in the butt. I have to get it set just right so it drains had a mishap this morning so electric is good. In the morning before we take off we are having a geocaching meet and greet for Canada Day.  We have one other person attending. So it should be fun.

Animal count today was zero, unless you count the ravens.  I am surprised I haven’t seen any bald eagles yet.  SOON when we get to Haines. 

30 days down only 60 left going by way to quickly.

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  1. Should are good at getting people to join into your party, so I bet the other people at your gathering place end up being a part of your Canada Day celebration. Have fun!

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  2. Let’s see …. add 365 days and we could spend the winter here and delay our return … just a smidge … 425 days to go …. :O


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