Up On the Great Divide

with no internet, or electricity, or our keurig. (True boondocking.)  We were suppose to camp outside of Watson Lake in the Provincial Park, with cottonwood trees and my breathing add mosquitos then a gravel road and soft mud we passed.  Drove up to the continental divide, I took another picture of the sign.

We had an abundance of wild life on the way up today.  Five bear, all black bears even though one was brown, the wood bison herd kinda small  there were two babies just starting to get horns.  Around Muncho Lake I saw 5 caribou swimming in the water must of missed them crossing the road by 5 minutes.  Right before we ran into construction we came round a corner and saw a porcupine scurry across the road scraggly little ‘prick’.  There were also a few bison here and there on the side of the road,

Amazing day of travel, soon we will be hitting Alaska

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