Catching Up Drying Out

The morning of the 25th we had a send off from the local herd of elk.  They walked into the field by our campground in a herd then went to seperate corners to feed.  I of course missed the enterance but was able to get good shots.  In fact one of the cow elk was very prego I felt sorry for her.  She hung out behind our trailer for awhile then moved on, we saw the same herd on the side of the road on the way out of town to Prince George.  This journey we saw no animals except for a dead moose which was sad because it happened recently.

It was time for a Walmart run and Roy needed an oil change.  We decided to boondock in a parking lot just kinda a down night.  Got up early on the 26th to head to Moberly Lake Provincial Park.  We didn’t stay because there was so much cottonwood blowing around that I could not breathe even with a mask.  So it was a nice day and we just decided to drive until we got tired.  Things happen for a reason, because if we stayed it would of turned into a muddy mess.

We ended up a little north of Pink Mountain BC after driving through slush and rain, UGH. So two nights of real boondocking. On the way to Pink Mountain we saw two beavers. Got up and headed up to Fort Nelson unplanned stop but we are staying at the same place we did last year.  Through the rain we were lucky to see 2 camera shy black bears.  Tonight we are sitting here at Triple Gs and the rain has stopped so we are drying out.

Tomorrow we will be in Toad River Lodge and I will post pictures of the hat collection.