Facing MY FEARS!

Anyone who knows me knows I am afraid of heights, sometimes I amaze myself.  I will say more about that later.  I was exhausted from a full day so I did not post on Friday.  The day started with a drive out to Patricia Lake which was so glassy smooth I practiced my reflection pictures and I do need practice.  We then went to Pyramid Lake which is just a swimming lake. We saw a few more lakes in the area and headed down to the Athabasca Glacier on the Columbia Icefields. This is the view from the visitors center and that is where we would be in a little while. 


 Our journey begins. It is amazing how far the glacier has recede it but the cool thing is being able to step on it. Both of us did amazing.
I wonder if you can find me on the ice?

 I also drank from the glacier and was amazed at how much mineral taste it has and how good it tasted.


For the grand finale I walked out and stood 918 feet above the earth with just a sheet of glass between me.  I had an awesome employee from the exhibit coax me out onto the bridge.  The thing that helped me was she said there was a mountain goat on the cliff.  I am glad she wasn’t fibbing.

 This was my reward, it was also how I felt clinging to the side. 


We headed home stopped at a restaurant with real  home cooking.  Almost a perfect end to a perfect day. On the way home from dinner we saw two bears and a deer now that was the PERFECT ending.

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