The Icefields + Jasper Day 1/2

Got up and out on June 22nd from Lake Louise in hopes of catching some wildlife along the highway, out before 9am.  Headed up the Icefields Parkway and am glad we did part of it yesterday because we couldn’t stop with the trailer. We we got to the actual icefields I was shocked at how little it is.  Today the 23rd we are going out on a glacier should be cool, lol.

We did see one black bear on the way up, closer to Jasper, but he was the only one yesterday. 

Then there was the bimbo on the wrong side of the road – BEAR FOOD!!……  I am amazed at the stupidity of some peoples kids 😏.

 Once we got to our campsite to check in this was to be three days of roughing it, we asked if they had any electric, hit the jackpot, electric YES!

After I got a handle on my migraine we headed back to town.  Speaking of stupid people on the way into town we see a car on the side of the road an older guy walking around near the woods, we ask what’s up he said there’s a bear in there he chased out an elk and we want a picture.  We didn’t want to see the feeding so we went and found the herd.  There were two babies 

We headed up to the tram 

Flash back to Palm Springs.  Today it’s the Icefields.